Updated Unconventional Natural Gas Well Locations

By request, the Shale Gas Knowledge Hub expanded the interactive map of unconventional natural gas well locations to include all wells in the Commonwealth. Previously, the interactive map featured only the wells located in southwestern Pennsylvania.

North American Cracker Plants

By now, most people in Western Pennsylvania are aware that an ethane cracker plant will be built in Beaver County, PA. This will be the first ethane cracker plant in Pennsylvania, the Marcellus Shale region, and the North Eastern United States. In June 2016, Shell Chemical Appalachia announced its plans to build an ethane cracker plant in Potter Township, Beaver County, which is located about 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, PA. An ethane cracker plant is a petrochemical plant that takes oil, or in this case natural gas, and cracks it (or breaks it into smaller pieces) into ethylene, which is a chemical that is widely used in manufacturing plastic. While the Shell Chemical Appalachia plant will the the first ethane cracker in Marcellus Shale, many other cracker plants exist in the United States.

W&J Energy Index

The Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) Energy Index was introduced in 2012 to provide an accessible, integrated data tool that focuses on the production, consumption, and sourcing of all forms of energy in the United States.

Act 13 Impact Fees

Pennsylvania’s Act 13 was enacted to address the unique impacts of shale gas development. Its requirements include the payment of fees by well operators to local governments to help them address development impacts. See this section to learn how the impacts fees are calculated, allocated, and used.